Grungy Winter Style

Grungy Winter Style

November 23, 2017

Right, maybe grungy isn’t the right word, but throwing on a pair of Doc Martens always makes me feel like a bit of a badass and like I’ve been transported back to the Sex Pistols days. Maybe ‘punk rock’ is better than ‘grungy’? Either way, this is my funkier looking go-to winter outfit.

Let’s breakdown the pieces and understand just how often I do wear them (when it’s cold enough in LA!)

Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic
Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic

I got this J Crew coat a few years ago from their online outlet store. Side note: besides the fact that this is absolutely not an ethical purchase, it isn’t a J Crew quality one either. I found out that their outlet store is not actually J Crew quality at all. It’s a J Crew-owned factory that shittily stitches together lower quality material at faster turnarounds and that means that they probably pay their employees worse too. Total let down and dupe. Not that I buy from J Crew anymore anyway, but just a heads up to those of you who do.

Regardless, I break this coat out every winter and make it work with as many outfits as I possibly can. Until I wear holes into it (or the shitty stitching falls apart) I’ll hold off on buying an ethical replacement. I’ve included a few killer options below in case you’re on the market for a solid coat, though.

The Last Line Safety Pin

Outfit Details:

Earrings (hoop & safety pin)


Jumper (similar here and more below)

Coat (ethical version here)

Jeans (similar here)




Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic
Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic

Additional ethical jacket and jumper options for you:

Amour Vert (Parision ethical company):

Thea Wool Blazer Coat

Zady (Emma Watson favourite):

.08 The Wool Coat

.01 The Sweater – Light Grey

Reformation (Samantha favourite):

Hackney Coat

Wells Blazer


Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic

My dad owned a pair of Doc Marten boots when I was younger. I was already eyeing them out when I was about 14 years old. If my foot size matched his, I absolutely would’ve stolen them from him. Needless to say, they were donated before my feet grew big enough. I managed to score a second hand pair in perfect condition a while back and have been looking for any excuse to wear them ever since.

Doc Marten Boots
Grungy Winter_J Crew_Doc Martens_Banana Republic

Photos by Mo Summers

The jumper is an old old old Banana Republic jumper and is truly one of my favourite pieces from them. It is constantly in my washing bin ready for cleaning. This was an easy go-to outfit for moodier days and can be interchanged with different jumpers, jeans, or coats easily!




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