Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

December 5, 2017

If you haven’t already spent all of your Christmas money during Black Friday sales, then hopefully this little holiday gift guide (& this one for the gents) will help you out! (Next year I’ll be better about posting these far earlier, I promise!) I wanted to round up a few totally cute, ethical, and sustainable gifts that you can get for those lovely ladies in your life with the holidays approaching. Most of these I already own or have friends/family who own and swear by them! For additional ideas you can also always check out my “Saving For” widget on the right side of my blog for things I’m keen to get.

Holiday Gift Guide - For Her

Presents for Her

#1 // Cuyana Passport Case – I bought all of my bridesmaids these as wedding presents and had their initials put on for an extra touch. Cuyana offers personalization on their website. The leather feels incredibly soft and well made – unlike any other passport case I’ve ever felt. Personalizing this gift is definitely a great way to make it that much more special for that important lady in your life!

#2 // Everlane Beanie – I love myself a solid pom pom beanie and why not get a simple and comfy wool + cashmere one from Everlane? Perfect for those who live in the cold (unlike us here in LA!).

#3 // Slippers – I first discovered these slippers from a blogger/entrepreneur I follow here in LA who wears these ever so effortlessly in her Venice Beach canal home. My mum actually purchased a pair and loves them! They run about a half size big, so get a half size smaller than what you (or your girlfriend) typically wears.

#4 // Kulani Kinis Watch – You know I had to include this in here! I recently reviewed Kulani Kinis’ watches on my blog (here & here) and really am truly obsessed with the quality, colour, and style of this watch. Your girlfriends will love one of these as a new staple accessory in their wardrobe.

#5 // bkr Water Bottle – “Because friends don’t let friends drink out of plastic water bottles.” Amen, bkr! I have tried to avoid using plastic water bottles where possible and bkr is my favourite alternative. I have 3 of these in my house: One 1 litre bottle I leave beside my bed (I’m a thirsty sleeper!), another 1 litre bottle for working out, and a 500ml that’s perfect for traveling with.

#6 // Everlane Tee – If you’re on a mission to help others shop more responsibly, the absolute easiest way is to get them hooked on an Everlane t-shirt and your job will be done. These are incredibly soft, comfortable, flattering, and amazingly durable. I wear my Everlane tees all. the. time. and somehow they still look brand new. Just look at the cost breakdown relative to other retailers and you’ll feel comfortable knowing your money went to the right place.

#7 // J Hannah Ring – J Hannah was on a panel at a Create & Cultivate I went to about four years ago. She’s a blogger and jewelry designer here in Los Angeles and her line is very minimal and high-quality. I have a rose gold ring of hers that I love and wear every time I’m incorporating rose gold into my outfit.

#8 // Cuyana Wallet – Another solid high-quality purchase when you’re feeling like splurging on your girlfriend/mum/mother-in-law/aunt, etc. I’ve been in the Cuyana store on Abbot Kinney and have felt the quality of all of their leather products. Seriously, top notch.


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