Our Favourite Podcasts

Our Favourite Podcasts

February 7, 2019

I need to admit something: I used to absolutely hate listening to podcasts. I couldn’t understand why all my friends were obsessed with them and kept trying the ones they recommended but really couldn’t get into them. Then I realized what my problem was – I was incredibly picky with who the host was and what style of podcast I wanted to listen to (yes, apparently there are multiple styles: i.e. interview vs. rambling).

With that said, I am now a podcast addict and figured I’d compile a list of both Eddie’s and my favourite ones in case there are some of you who are looking to get hooked on (what is now) one of my new favourite mediums for learning.


1. Deliciously Ella:

Ella is an author, blogger, and entrepreneur in the plant-based food space. I watch her YouTube videos religiously, have her newest cookbook, and am now absolutely hooked on her podcast (which,  so happens to be my favourite one – hence why she’s #1 on my list!). Ella talks about everything from mental health, to diet, stress, and even food waste. It’s a very well-rounded podcast with incredibly educated guests and a wide range of topics that’s sure to appeal to anybody listening – whether you eat a plant-based diet or not.

Top 3 Favourite Episodes:

“Cultivating Happiness…Happy Pear”

“If food waste was a country…”

“Why a vegan diet is the single biggest positive…”

2. Happy Place:

Fearne Cotton, television/radio presenter turned mental health advocate, hosts ‘Happy Place’ and interviews some of the most interesting guests who open up to her like I’ve never seen before! The focus of the podcast (as you might’ve guessed) is about mental health. It delves into her guests journeys/struggles and gives the listener tips for managing their own mental health.

Top 3 Favourite Episodes:

Stephen Fry

Lena Headey

Gary Barlow

3. No Limits:

Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News Emmy Award-winning journalist, hosts ‘No Limits’ where the most impressive women in the world share their honest business stories. They cover their hardest hurdles/failures, how they’ve grown to success, and provide a plethora of tips for anyone looking to start their own business.

Top 3 Favourite Episodes:

#94 (Cuyana)

#60 (Poshmark)

#74 (Tory Burch)


First, let me quickly geek out about how excited I am to be writing anything on Samantha’s blog. Long time listener – first time caller, and all that.

1. Freakonomics

Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics are among my favorite books. They’re written by a like-minded economist and journalist who teamed up to write about how poorly-structured incentives lead humans to behave in odd and often devious ways. The approaches they take to demonstrate these ideas in various case studies are incredibly creative, and offer great food for thought on how one should zoom out and think of the world around them. While a weekly publication can never be as good as a book that takes years to compile, the podcast does a decent job following in the books’ spirit by digging into matters that might often be overlooked. They’ve had great discussions on human psychology, economics, self-improvement, etc. and often bring in surprisingly prominent guests such Nobel laureates, big-name politicians and CEOs to provide insight on these discussions. If you’re not yet sold, I’ll end on this note: when I reflect on lessons I’ve gained over the past few years that have literally change the way I lead my life, it turns out that the majority of them came from the Freakonomics podcast.

Top 3 Favorite Episodes:

Note: the list below links to their website, because they recently got bought out by Stitcher, so their Spotify page only lists the 20 most recent episodes. You could still follow them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. to get the more recent episodes as soon as they are published.

How to Become Great at Just About Anything (feat. Anders Ericsson)

The Men Who Started a Thinking Revolution (feat. Michael Lewis)

When Willpower Isn’t Enough

2. Pivot

Pivot is a weekly 30-minute recap of the news. As with most products by Recode, Pivot mostly focuses on the tech industry, though it occasionally touches on other large events going on in the world. It’s currently the podcast whose publication I most look forward to every week, and I attribute this almost entirely to the chemistry between the hosts.

Kara Swisher has spent about two decades writing great tech coverage for organizations like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and has led her to carry major weight in tech. Scott Galloway is an incredibly bright, perceptive marketing professor at NYU that doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of him. These boil down to the same thing – their weekly critiques of the world’s top businesses and their leaders are scathing, and so unfiltered that they’re shocking. They seem to have no fear of being turned into pariahs for speaking their minds, and it’s refreshing to hear such astute, honest coverage. On top of that, they both have this great dry sense of humor and they play very well off each other, which gives me some great laughs every week.

Top 3 Favorite Episodes:

Amazon’s HQ2 was a con, not a contest

Sexual harassment at Google, nasty YouTube comments, and Beto O’Rourke

Facebook’s latest scandal and the “tyranny of technology”

3. Tie: Axios Pro Rata / The Daily (New York Times)

I rank these equally because they’re two sides of the same coin. They both focus on one big story of the day, then gloss over 2-3 others for about two minutes.

  • Axios (an awesome news startup by the founders of Politico, makers of the one newsletter I make sure to read every morning – Axios AM) dedicates seven minutes to the main story. If you’re short on time, it’s the perfect overview to keep you informed on what’s going on in the world.
  • The Daily puts about 20-30 minutes into their main story. As you can imagine, it’s a deep dive that really tries to explain why the situation developed, and how it might unfold. They give great context in a way that you might not get from most news sources’ brief articles. On top of that, their production value is incredible; they often have huge guests, the editing is beautiful – it really feels like what the future of podcasting could be as it grows from a medium created by buddies in their garage to one that huge media organizations put their full weight behind.
Top 3 Favorite Episodes:

Not going to list any for Pro Rata because it’s just a quick recap of the news (try listening to one from a month ago and you’ll notice how quickly the news becomes stale as stories develop). If you want to get a feel for it, listen to today’s and see if it brings value to your life relative to other ways in which you would take in the news. The Daily is similar, but I do feel it has some truly moving/impactful stories that have better longevity.

The Daily – 09/13/2018 / 09/14/2018 – Lost in the Storm Pt 1 / Pt 2

The Daily – 10/25/2018 – How 1994 Gave Us Today’s Politics

The Daily – 09/11/2018 – Bob Woodward on Trump, Nixon, and Anonymity

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