5 Things I’ve Done for Myself Pre-Wedding

5 Things I’ve Done for Myself Pre-Wedding

March 12, 2018

You’ve heard it from all brides and you’ll hear it from me now: wedding prep is HARD. The ironic thing about that statement is that I specifically wanted a long engagement (coming up on two years now) so that our wedding preparations would be spread out and much easier to manage than if we were to get married within the (seemingly) traditional 8 months after engagement. Let me tell ya somethin’, that’s definitely not how it works. With the exception of photographer, caterer, & venue, vendors aren’t ready to start making decisions on anything until a few months prior to your wedding date. So, since my plan for an easy process went out the window, the stress has been building and causing major emotional and (sometimes) physical issues for me.

I finally decided that I needed to take care of myself during this process and make sure I don’t look like a haggard bride-to-be on my wedding day. This post is for any bride-to-be or anyone just needing general tips on pampering yourself! Turning the self-love up a notch can be so important during times of stress. These are the 5 things I’ve actively been doing for myself to ensure that, come the big day, I’m happy with my body, my mind, and my relationship with Eddie.

1. Facials

This is probably an obvious one for most brides-to-be, but it’s one I place particular importance on. As someone who is self-conscious of my facial imperfections, doing anything I can to try and minimize those feelings has been a priority for me. Thankfully, I have the most amazing esthetician in all of Los Angeles (for anyone in LA, her name is Lana Barra (goddess) and you can book appointments with her here). She has not only transformed my skin, but she has changed how I think about my skincare products and routines. I usually get a facial about once a month to once every 6 weeks, but prior to the wedding I’ll be getting 2 within 2 weeks of the wedding (spoiling myself!) to ensure my skin looks radiant for the big day.

One procedure I wish I would’ve done, is microneedling (or even fraxel lasering). As I mentioned above, I’m ridiculously insecure about my skin and this is primarily to do with acne scarring from my teenage years. Whilst not obvious to a lot of people, it’s my biggest sore spot and I’d love to finally rid of them once and for all. Doing this before the wedding would’ve been a great idea but I didn’t think of it until too late (whoops!). Typically you need 3 weeks between sessions and it’s insanely expensive. I’ll definitely be saving up to do this at some point after the wedding though!

2. Laser Hair Removal

Saying “bye bye” to unwanted hair has been a godsend! I had a friend tell me about her experience getting her underarm hairs lasered off at Kalologie 360 Spa so I decided to investigate a little further. I started with a few areas and saw such great results that I’ve now progressed to 3 additional body areas and am so amazed with the results. For example, even after my first session of lower legs, I could go 3-5 days without shaving them. I would highly recommend this to anyone whose been debating taking the plunge! My roommate has already had her first session after hearing me talk about it for months now and she’s loving the results too. Yes, it does hurt (especially in some areas more than others), but it really does get better the more times you go.

3. Boxing

Clearly, working on my fitness was a priority for the wedding – but not as much as everyone would think. Yes, I want to look fabulous on the big day, but more importantly, I want to feel good about myself. I have absolutely not been following any special diets (other than mainly plant-based) or limiting my caloric intake particularly (am I going to regret saying all of this once I see the wedding pictures? ha!). There are certain areas I want to work on more than others (because of the style of dress I’ve chosen), but I’m not putting myself through hell to look rail thin for April 28th.

I randomly got introduced to a boxing class a few months ago. I hadn’t particularly had an interest in doing boxing (backstory: I’ve done ballet my whole life as my primary mode of working out) but figured I was up for giving it a shot. Little did I know that I would absolutely fall in love with it! My trainers, AJ & Brian, at Legacy Boxing were incredible to say the least. They are energetic, patient teachers, and 100% dedicated to the craft of boxing. I was hooked. Long story short, AJ has temporarily moved to NYC so classes were cancelled. I have a hunch that AJ & Brian will be helping launch the new Rumble boxing studio in West Hollywood in a few months, though. Until then, I’ve been going to Box’n Burn (their Santa Monica location) and have been loving their classes there! All gyms I mentioned are high intensity interval training as well as mitt work. Very bootcamp style and I absolutely love it.

I have never felt so amped up, happy, nor proud of my body, than after leaving a boxing class. Boxing (or even more generally: working out) has been almost like a therapy for me. Getting those endorphins flowing is an obvious benefit, but more than that, the social aspect has been tremendous for my mental health. Working from home can be incredibly lonely. I’ve tried the typical at-home workouts with no success for two reasons: 1.) I need a teacher yelling at me to push myself otherwise I have 0 discipline and 2.) Working out alone still didn’t help with my social needs. Getting into a class environment has been invaluable for my happiness and has just brought a multitude of rewards my way. Also, boxing has officially become my favourite workout activity and I hope to improve over time!

4. Tattoo Removal

Aha! Yes, I had a tattoo. I got it about 6 years ago now and truly loved it. I thought long and hard about what I would get (for about 2 years) and it really did have a special meaning to me. However, every time I looked down at it, I was reminded of the time in my life when I got it done – not the meaning behind it. I couldn’t bare to carry that with me forever and looked into tattoo removal. I’ve been going here for about a year now and my tattoo is practically gone! It’s absolutely wild how it works. Basically, the laser explodes the ink in your body and then you need to drink a plethora of fluids to help flush out the ink. It helps that my tattoo was close to my heart vs. my foot. You can actually see in pictures from this post that I have incredibly strange tan lines on my chest. You have to keep it out of the sun (hence the bandaid tan lines) otherwise it will scar and all that hard work (and $$$) will have been for nothing.

So, completing this prior to my wedding has been a priority for me and an absolute weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s gone and I no longer feel self conscious about it. What a relief!

5. Planning

Lastly, I’ve been making an effort to plan even better than I already do. I’m quite the scheduler, but I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to too much lately and wearing myself thin. Prioritizing my goals the past few months has been a difficult task but it’s meant not overworking myself to sickness. I’ve been pushing myself so hard and juggling too many projects that I’ve consecutively gotten sick every month since October and my body is finally telling me: “enough already!” Penciling in some Samantha time has been tremendously helpful and I now cherish slow moments more than ever.

Make sure, whatever your marital status or current stress-level, you make time to give back to you. Nothing is as important as we make it out to be and if shit goes belly-up, oh well. You can fix it. Fill your own love tank and everyone else around you will feel happier too because of it.

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