Sydney, Australia – Pt.2

Sydney, Australia – Pt.2

March 8, 2018

The second (and final) part of my Australia trip is long overdue, but it’s finally here! If you haven’t read my first one yet, go check it out here. I also vlogged the trip and split it up into two videos here and here if you care to get a different glimpse into the trip (the second video is particularly funny so definitely go check that one out!).

Our first day in Sydney was really us playing tourists and exploring the city all day long. This blog covers the entirety of the rest of the trip. Day two was our friends’ (Dani & Alex) wedding which was the most special day and the very reason we flew to Australia to begin with. As a bridesmaid, I got to experience all of the behind the scenes and really soak in the day alongside the beautiful bride-to-be, Dani.

How absolutely gorgeous is she?!

bride and bridesmaid
passion fruit

Passion fruits were a staple in our diets in Australia – absolute heaven!

bride and bridesmaids

The entire wedding day was magical. The ceremony was on a boat on Sydney Harbour with the reception taking place at a restaurant also on the harbour. The entire wedding day was unique, filled with love, and an unforgettable experience!

hydrangeas flowers
bride and groom

sydney harbour bridge

After waking up to a view of the Harbour bridge, we walked to The Rocks for breakfast at an adorable little cafe (the name escapes me now) before heading to Manly Beach to spend the rest of the day with my family who drove up from Canberra (3 hours away).

We took a ferry ride from Sydney to Manly and spent the day eating, drinking, catching up, and soaking up the gorgeous Sydney sun.

manly beach

Here’s a family picture! 🙂family


After Manly Beach, we got back to Sydney and had to walk quite a while to get to our dinner at The Butler. In order to get there, we had to cross back through the Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city and couldn’t help but stop to smell the roses!

flowers in the Botanic Garden in Sydney

botanic gardens
avarcas pons

Packing somewhat light (for me anyway) meant relying on only a couple of pairs of shoes to get me around the city. One pair I relied on were my Nomadic State of Minds that I highlighted in the first part of this series. The second pair I lived in (& still do) were my Avarcas (c/o) pictured here. I first got a pair of these when I was in high school because I learned the Princess of Spain wore them and, naturally, wanted to emulate her. These got me through miles of walking with 0 blisters or pain in my feet. Please go check them out if you’re looking for a new addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. I’m wearing the Classic pair in French Blue.

flower bee in the botanic gardens

Outfit Details:

Earrings (similar here)

Dress (similar here)


Shoes (c/o)



botanic garden fountain
botanic garden

Dinner at The Butler was lovely and the night ended with late night strolls through Sydney before finally making our way back to Oatley for bed. Since we hadn’t spent much time at the beach, Dani & Alex suggested that we go to Bronte beach in the morning which was the perfect excuse to try out my new Evie Kulani Kinis bikini!

Kulani Kinis

Kulani Kinis
Kulani Kinis

In fact, we all sported a Kulani Kinis that day and showed off our tushes!

Kulani Kinis

Our final day in Australia was spent checking off a major bucket list item for me: petting kangaroos and seeing koala bears. I was like a little kid at the zoo (although, just to clarify, this wasn’t a zoo but rather a rehabilitation center for these animals)!

Pictures of each of us feeing the kangaroos and wallabies to follow…






Leaving Australia was a tough one for me. It was such a wonderful place to visit, that I can’t believe it took me 28 years to finally go. It was also the first holiday in so long where I fully switched off and didn’t feel like I needed a holiday from a holiday.

Our time there will forever be engrained in my memory, and it’s times like these I feel grateful we captured our memories to share here on the blog with you all. If you’re ever looking for recommendations in Sydney, I’d be happy to help, and if I don’t know something, we had the best tour guides in Sydney! 😉

The next major trip we’ll be taking will be France for our wedding in 51 days (yes, I definitely have a countdown on my computer. ha!). Stay tuned!




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