Secondhand Only – 2019 Resolution Update

Secondhand Only – 2019 Resolution Update

April 10, 2019

If you read my 2019 New Year’s Resolution post I mentioned that I was only going to shop for secondhand clothing for the entirety of 2019. We’ve just finished the first quarter (<– that’s my business brain talking) and I wanted to provide a resolution update with how I feel thus far having ventured into this strange resolution.

Lack of Color Hat
Olivia Burton watch

Since making this resolution, there have been only a handful of times I’ve wanted to purchase new. Truly! I haven’t found myself that tempted because the options for buying secondhand are so endless, I could already find myself (& my wallet) getting into trouble!

I really thought that I was going to have withdrawals or feel like I was limited and, therefore, more tempted than ever to want to buy new and I’ve completely surprised myself. The secondhand game has just made the chase even more fun! Caveat: I still focus on only buying pieces that would complete my wardrobe and make my heart sing – I really try not to buy for the sake of buying as this just defeats the purpose of slow fashion.

Poshmark has been my usual go-to, but participating in the Rose Bowl Flea Market is also a fun switch-up from the usual thrift store hunts and app scrolling!

Secondhand outfit

Whilst also cleaning out my closet via Poshmark, I’ve managed to score quite a few wonderful secondhand pieces over the past couple of months, including this Lack of Color hat that I’m wearing here.

Exploring my wardrobe as the season changes and getting creative with the pieces I put together has been really fun. Sure, there are times I’ll wear the same jumper for two weeks but I’ve also gotten more creative (like my old high school self) and have loved repurposing some items in my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have considered before.

Secondhand outfit
Secondhand outfit

Outfit Details:

Lack of Color Hat (secondhand from Poshmark!)

Old Gap Cardigan

Olivia Burton (c/o) Vegan Watch (similar)

Reformation Top (last seen here) – similar here, here, and here

Thrifted Levis Vintage Jeans (last seen here) – similar here

Everlane Chelsea Boots

Lack of Color Hat

The best sensation from this resolution thus far is knowing that I’m not buying due to a trend, influence, or greedy need. Being “limited” to just secondhand has made the chase more fun and the search take much longer than usual which really gives you time to think “Do I REALLY need this?”

I’ve definitely had times where I’ve quit the chase because I really didn’t need the item and so I’ve just saved myself from making an impulse purchase!

Here’s to another three quarters (or more) of secondhand-only shopping!




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