Moving Again & Lessons Learned

Moving Again & Lessons Learned

September 16, 2019

Yes, you read that right. After merely 2.5 months in Florida we’re packing up our belongings and moving again…

Let me explain what our lives have been like the past couple of months, what I’ve learned along this journey, and where our next chapter will begin!

Why Florida in the first place?

We relocated to Florida mid-June for a potential job opportunity for my husband, Eddie, which ended up not happening – a complete blessing in disguise! Both of our families are in Florida so it was the perfect time to play catch up from the past 6 years of living on the opposite side of the country.

I flew to my parents’ new house whilst Eddie did a road trip with his dad from LA to south Florida. We spent some quality time with our respective families once in the “Sunshine State” and didn’t see one another for about a month during this period. This was tough but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring my old stomping grounds with my parents, helping them remodel their new house and discover incredible new vegan joints in what I assumed were backwards neighbourhoods.

visiting family - dad
visiting family - mum
Caracara umami burger

Eddie’s dad suggested a last minute Bahamas trip so, in true Saffy fashion, I bought a last minute plane ticket and flew to the Bahamas to see Eddie again for the first time. He had already been there for a week (I needed to see ELO in Tampa before heading to the Bahamas – priorities!) and once I arrived we spent about a week soaking up the beauty of the Exumas, catching what became an envious tan, and accidentally swimming with bull sharks (oops!).


Our arrival back to the states triggered instant holiday blues but we needed to figure out what we were doing with our lives. We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with Eddie’s dad during this time whilst Eddie was studying for an important exam. I contacted our moving company and told them to ship our belongings. This took a frustrating month before our things finally arrived.


Out of the blue, Eddie was poached by an intriguing organization. He smashed the interview but didn’t hear back for a few weeks. We assumed the worst and began unpacking a few more boxes. Finally, Eddie heard back (the guy he interviewed with had a newborn a few days after his interview and was off on paternity leave!) and got offered the position… in Denver!

After a few years living in LA, Eddie and I discussed what other state in the U.S. we could see ourselves living and Denver was always at the top of our list. We’ve both visited a few times (yes, during multiple seasons. I lived in Chicago for a bit so nothing could be worse than those winters!) and felt a special connection. Initially I was reluctant to pick up and move again but after sitting on the idea for not even a day, excitement started to build. I was ready to leave this Florida humidity – I’ll never get used to it. Denver’s lifestyle seems to fit ours much more than Florida’s and it would be another adventure for us to experience together! Eddie’s start date is within a couple of weeks so I’m scrambling to organize a different moving company, ship my little Eva, find a home for us to live in (I’m flying to Denver this week to search!), oh and also I become a U.S. citizen before we leave with my ceremony on the 26th! Life is never boring and I absolutely love that!

Farmer's Market

Lessons Learned:

  • Family will be there no matter what. We can have our ups and downs, disagreements, and differences in opinions about whether tofu is good for you or not, and they’ll still drop everything to be there. I feel incredibly grateful to have such supportive family and know that we would have really struggled without them on this crazy journey.
  • Let go. As a recovering control freak, I’m learning to let go. The past few months have felt completely out of my control and whilst this initially causes panic and anxiety, I’ve learned that stressing over things that are uncontrollable just builds a toxicity inside of you that is harmful. Letting go of the need to control every aspect of life is actually quite freeing and allows you to enjoy the journey that much more. I’m not perfect at this but am actively practicing this now.
  • Minimalism can be a wonderful thing! I’ve had access to about 10% of my wardrobe and 5% of my kitchen supplies since moving to Florida and have made do relatively fine for the past couple of months. In fact, having fewer choices on what to wear is quite liberating! Almost like having a school uniform and not worrying about what new outfit to put together. I won’t lie, I’m dead excited to fully unpack our boxes so I have all my kitchen bits and bobs to feel settled, but the moment we get into our new home I’m going to start listing things on Poshmark because I clearly don’t need a lot of the stuff I own so if you’re on there, give me a follow (here) to check for new listings!

This is the first blog post since our move to Florida – sorry. I’m still working on that natural deodorant post I promised on Instagram! This new chapter feels particularly exciting but I need to dedicate a few weeks to getting our lives sorted, but I’ll hopefully have some more steady content after that. Thanks for following along on our crazy journey and I can’t wait to start posting content from our new home in Denver! Now… to find that home! 🙂




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