How To Tactfully Encourage Ethical Gift-Giving

How To Tactfully Encourage Ethical Gift-Giving

November 19, 2019

Fellow ethical blogger, Kate from @ethicallykate, recently posted something to her page which really hit home for me. I’ve been mulling it over for the past few days and wanted to address it here because I think it’s an important topic.

Her post (you can read it here) discusses how to have ‘that’ awkward conversation with loved ones about not gifting you non-ethical/sustainable items. This is something I’ve struggled with for the past few years and have yet to tackle (writing this here now is my accountability for having the conversation by the time this post goes live). Now that I am married into a new family, the conversation is more difficult than it was with my own family (who now fully understand the criteria (vegan/non-animal-based, sustainable, ethical, etc.) for items I bring into my home and only gift me products/services along those lines – for this I am incredibly grateful!).

First and foremost, there is a massive issue with consumerism when it comes to the holidays. Whilst I am far from perfect, my family and I are striving to reduce our footprint for the first time this year. We’re entering into a Secret Santa where only 1 gift will need to be purchased for each member of the family rather than… 10 each (we’ve got family coming in from Australia this year so it’s a particularly large exchange!). I not only feel a relief for my bank account (ha), but I am grateful that we will not be contributing to an overabundance of expenses & waste during the holidays. I’m not sitting here preaching because I fully recognize the conditioning that’s happened to us all for our whole lives. It’s not undone by a simple switch of a button – it takes practice and patience to change habits and expectations which, ultimately, will lead to greater happiness in life.

So, after deliberating back and forth all weekend long, my suggestion is: just do it. Have the conversation. Your family loves you and will understand that you have strong values you want to uphold. I believe it’s commendable to align so strongly with something (especially something that doesn’t harms others – whether fashion, food, etc.).

If you decide this is a conversation you want to have with your family, then I wish you luck! Here’s to living life according to your beliefs!




P.S. I will be sharing sustainable gift guides soon that will hopefully help you make more ethical purchases this holiday season!

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