Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

November 20, 2019

Christmas is literally around the corner! I actually cannot believe just how quickly this year has flown by – is this just a natural state of affairs once you pass 30? Well, if you’re like me, and you plan to purchase all your Christmas presents right around Black Friday you’ll need to get started! Yes, you heard me right. There are a lot of influencers out there who condemn Black Friday and rightfully so in some cases! I’m not saying go and buy presents for yourself just because they’re on sale, but if you know that you need to buy presents for your loved ones and they happen to be on sale (& are also from an ethical source!) then why not capitalize on that and help support small businesses instead of the massive conglomerates that don’t care about you nor their workers? I work with a few small brands who will be encouraging customers to take part in their Black Friday sales and, so, why not spend your money with them vs. say a giant department store?

If you read my latest post, you’ll know that I’m not promoting consumerism by any means. However, I think it’s unrealistic to expect us to freeze our credit cards, sit around the Christmas tree with family, OM-ing and call that a holiday season. There will be gift exchanges – whether services or products – and I’m here to help you make those choices a little bit easier with some ethical and sustainable ideas. These are all products I’ve either used before, from a brand I love and trust, or an item that I myself might secretly wish for Christmas 😉

So, this holiday season, gift your loved ones something they only really need and choose to do so from an ethical brand who has ensured your product is made sustainably and with love.

Lounge Set

This Boody Wear lounge set is so wonderfully soft, light, and comfortable making it the perfect pair of pjs for the holidays. It’s part of their newest collection and truly showcases just how magnificent clothes can feel and look when made with the right materials! Here is the link for the top and these are the pants. They also have a short set version in case you’re living in warmer climates than Denver!

Shop top –>

Shop pants –>

Boody Wear Lounge Pants

Handmade Mug

If your girl is a mug collector like myself, she will LOVE this mug. It’s massive so it fits the biggest of lattes for those extra sleepy mornings. The lady, Kate, who makes them is in the UK and is the loveliest human bean. Support her little studio if you’re looking to expand your ceramics collection!

Shop now –>

Ethical Jewelry

This hasn’t left my wrist since the day I put it on. It’s 14K gold (so no tarnishing!), is durable, but also so dainty that you can layer it with whatever other bracelets/watches you have! The brand of Vrai & Oro (backed by Leonardo DiCaprio himself – mhmm, you heard right!) is probably the best of all ethical jewelry brands I’ve come across.

Shop now –>


8-Free Nail Polish

This vegan and cruelty-free brand is highly recommended and for very good reason. It’s free of 8 toxic chemicals that are commonly found in most nail polishes (the highest amount I’ve come across so far) & just look at that colour! There is a great selection to choose from for whatever your style or occasion. I happen to be a sucker for blood red like this one.

Shop now –>

Eco-Teddy Jumper

I’ve been an advocate of every piece of Alternative Apparel I’ve ever worn and this new jumper is no exception. Also from their newest collection, this Nutmeg jumper is so dang soft. Alternative Apparel seem to outdo themselves with each new release and I can happily say that this set will adorn my body for as long as I can keep Eddie’s grubby hands off them! 😛

Shop now –>


Quality Vegan Leather Handbag

Angela Roi is known for making some of the best, top-quality, vegan leather handbags. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while – a classic, simple, black crossbody that’s sure to please any girl!

Shop now –>

Sustainable Planner – 2020

If your girl is a stationary addict and also a major organizer, then these planners are a must! I’ve got the one in Sage and it’s already been scribbled in plenty! With 5 weddings and plenty more events we’ve got lined up for 2020 already I’m so grateful to be able to write everything down already!

Shop now –>


Natural Perfume

I’m always on the look out for new perfumes as I tend to go through them pretty quickly. Recently, I’ve been straying away from the luxury brands I typically use, and aiming for more natural (yet effective) perfumes to add to my collection. This one was brought to my attention and their smells sound like a heavenly cloud of botanical wonder.

Shop now –>

LUSH Shampoo Bar

The perfect stocking stuffer! If you read my review, you’ll know how much of a fan of this shampoo bar I am and I truly think it would convert anyone to stop using plastic in the shower! Check out the HiBar conditioner bar below for the perfect set!

Shop now –>


Here are a few more options!

Sponsor: BoodyWear. I pride myself in supporting brands whose missions resonate with my own and whose products/services I use on a daily basis. Sponsorships never affect my opinions – they allow me to share even more wonderful products with you all. As always, thank you for supporting my little baby blog and also supporting these wonderful brands I work with!


  • Leona
    September 3, 2020

    I’ve just read your blogpost on hair, how come you’ve decided to go back to a high maintenance hair colour?

    • SimplySaffy
      September 6, 2020

      Hi Leona! Very good question – I truly did start to feel comfortable with my own hair colour (& still do love my natural colour) but the greys started getting particularly bad within the past couple of years and I found that I wasn’t able to ‘grow’ it out nicely to a point where I felt confident in myself. My self confidence fluctuates which I think is a normal cycle for most people and so whilst I would love to confidently say that I’m happy with all the greys, I’m not quite at that point yet (maybe in a few years time?!). Thankfully, I found a great hairstylist who does phenomenal balayages that require far less visits to the salon (I just got my hair done two weeks ago for the first time since January! Twice a year is pretty darn good in my books). I’m still working on getting to the point of being comfortable with ALL of my au natural decisions, but thinking it might take me just a little bit more time than I had initially thought 🙂 Thanks for asking and reading my blog! Means the absolutely world to me! xx

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