Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

November 26, 2019

Hopefully you’ve seen my ‘sustainable gift guide – for her’ and now, I’ve managed to get Eddie to sit down and write down his own for all the men in your life! So, without further ado, let me hand it over to Eddie:

Hey everyone! So excited to be writing on here again. I tried making the list below as varied as possible so there’s a little something for everyone in your life. Hopefully the recipients enjoy these as much as I have. I got yelled at for including too many books in this list, so I’ve trimmed it down to two non-fiction titles I feel are essential additions to everyone’s library.

The Sixth Extinction

You are probably terrified enough about the environment if you read Samantha’s blog often, but just in case you’re still on the fence, read this fascinating book. Kolbert does an incredible job re-telling how all the various mass-extinction events in earth’s history played out, and then comparing them to separate events that are currently occurring on Earth. Nothing has given me the same sense of urgency about our need to become better stewards of our environment than this one book, and I truly believe we would all be better off if everyone gave it a read.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow

Yes, that book with the chewed up pencil you keep seeing at the airport! It makes you think as much as the cover would suggest. Kahneman lays out, something like 20 distinct ways in which your brain wants to take little shortcuts that systematically cause you to make mistakes. In the intro he says something like “these are too hard-wired to ever just snap your fingers and correct these behaviors, but by at least being aware of them, you should hopefully learn in time to pause and rethink things when you find yourself in these situations that cause misjudgment.” This is probably the #1 book I recommend, and has applications in every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

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This is cutting it dangerously close to another book recommendation, and might land me in the doghouse, but recommending it is worth the risk. I was introduced to Audible on a 3-month trial from my mother-in-law back in Christmas of 2015 or so, and I’ve never looked back. Your loved ones deserve Audible in their lives – their morning commutes will become infinitely better once they stop listening to the same phone pranks, fart jokes, and pop songs every morning and start using that time to pick away at their reading lists.

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Patagonia Jacket

This jacket is my favorite new addition to my wardrobe. Again, a gift from my mother-in-law (I’m detecting a theme here…), and I’m so grateful for it. My landlord described it as the only sweater she uses all winter in Denver, and I understand why: it insulates remarkably well so it’s incredibly comfortable as low as the 20s, it’s light enough that one can wear it comfortably zipped open in the 70s (or indoors), and it breaks the wind to boot. Make the purchase, and you’ll be on their good side forever. Plus, Patagonia is super ethical or something, so that recommendation is totally on-brand with this blog.

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No, this isn’t me appreciating underwear and socks because I’m an old man. These are. The. Best. Underwear. On. The. Planet. I was introduced to these by my sister-in-law (how is Samantha absent from this list so far?), and my God I’m so grateful. They feel amazing, and make your ass look like a supermodel’s. They also come in adorable designs, such as Yodas (to celebrate when The Mandalorian releases on Fridays), Ewoks, and Stormtroopers. They’re the only underwear I ever wear anymore. To the gift-giver: beware – you will want to maul the bum you gift these to, so these are probably best given to your significant others.

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Everlane linen shirt

Linen Shirt

Finally, Samantha’s gift-giving makes an appearance! This was a gift from her after she discovered how incredibly sustainable linen is. This has become my favorite button-down for two main reasons: first is how comfortable and cool linen is to wear, second is how unique and casual it looks; look around next time you go out, all you see is cotton shirts – it’s nice not to look like a clone of every other person walking down the street.

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Patagonia Beanie

Another gift courtesy of Samantha – this was the perfect addition to my wardrobe when we moved to Denver since I lacked anything thicker than a baseball cap. This beanie is perfect. Not too long, not too short, not to thick. Lovely weave. Samantha would be proper gutted if I didn’t mention all the green cred this beanie has with its recycled wool and nylon fabric. Why are you still reading this? Just press the shop button and make your recipient very happy.

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Patagonia beanie

Lululemon Sweats

I had this moral opposition to Lululemon for years because of their obscene price point… but I gotta say I’m a convert after these. It’s literally all I ever want to wear around the house, which leads to hygiene issues since I can only afford one pair. They’re perfectly light, breathable, comfortable, etc. etc. etc. Hands down the best gift anyone will receive all year. Also pretty dope for running when it’s frigid out.

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The Second-Most Dangerous Razor a Man Can Own

Shy of a straight-edge there is nothing scarier to shave with (and I have the scar to prove it), but I gotta say … after getting used to this, I’ll never go back. Those high-tech 5-blade Gillettes are cool and safe and all, but they clog every three seconds and their shave doesn’t come close to what a single-blade can achieve. Plus, you just feel like a badass when you’re shaving with instruments from the 19th century.

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safety razor

Here are a few more options!

Matt and Nat Chelsea Boots
Pala Eyewear
Matt and Nat Card Holder
Alternative Apparel Lounge Pants
Everlane Parka





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    November 29, 2019

    I loved this… of course!! 😀 I giggled out loud at times. Thanks for the ideas! xo

    • simplysaffy
      December 2, 2019

      Glad you enjoyed this! 🙂 Clearly you give the best presents! xxx

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