New Year’s Resolutions 2020

New Year’s Resolutions 2020

January 23, 2020

Last year I wrote (& published) my New Year’s Resolutions here for the first time. This year, Eddie and I sat around the kitchen table once we returned from Florida and wrote our resolutions for 2020. I had to reference my 2019 resolutions because I hadn’t actually re-read them since I wrote them! Not an ideal scenario, however, I managed to complete a little over half of them by osmosis. Quite chuffed with that!

Call me superstitious, but I decided to do it again this year and see if I can achieve the same (if not more). I recognize I’m posting this towards the end of January, but I promise I’ve been going at these since we wrote them. I clearly need to be better at one of my resolutions below!

These might not be relevant to you, but perhaps they might encourage you to think differently about your 2020. If not, then hey – I’ll leave these here for myself (:

My Resolutions

  • Do yoga at least once a week
  • Meditate every day if possible (at least during the week)
  • Practice more gratitude (5-Minute Journal or just a conscious decision to myself)
  • Speak at an event (no matter the size) for Simply Saffy (whether slow fashion, veganism, etc.)
  • Go on a trip with my husband outside of the 4 wedding trips we have this year
  • Increase and maintain a frequency with Simply Saffy (blog, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). This is the one I clearly need to be better at! Ha.
  • Poshmark the boxes I have in my basement (will take me months to clear out!)
  • Find a new therapist in Denver
  • Prioritize my mental health more (tied to a few resolutions above)
  • Be a better friend (give more, initiate calls more, show my friends how much they really mean to me, etc.)
  • Try something new in 2020 that is outside of my comfort zone
  • Shift diet to mostly unprocessed & plant-based
  • Choose books more over TV
  • Focus less on consumerism (no matter how ethical/sustainably made products are)

Hoping your 2020 has started off on the right foot and you’re tackling your intentions however big or small!




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