How To Sustainably Decorate Your Home

How To Sustainably Decorate Your Home

February 3, 2020

This has been in the works for… well, since we moved into our home in October! I hadn’t quite felt ready to share anything (other than a few sneak peaks on Instagram Stories) until it felt like a home and I could share all my recommendations with an honest approach.

Noticeably, the home is still missing art work and a few decorative pieces here and there, but I’ve never properly shopped for art before and I’ve been told not to rush it as the right pieces will hit you! You’ll just know when to buy. So far, I’ve not gone out of my way to look and so I think this one might take a bit of time. Otherwise, I’m pretty darn chuffed with how our home has turned out!

The point of this post is to show you that you can decorate your home beautifully (IMO) whilst keeping sustainability and ethics top of mind! We strived to shop antique/vintage first where possible, and whenever we couldn’t find anything we wanted (and we did wait months in case the right thing popped up) then we sourced an ethical/sustainable vendor to buy new from. I’ll try to link to pieces or at least the shops where we got items, however, a lot was purchases from antique shops so I can’t promise replicas! I also filmed a walk-through video on YouTube (going live this Thursday) if you’d prefer to walk through our space together! 🙂

Living Room

Joybird Furniture
Joybird Couch

We moved into our home with only a bedroom suite and my desk. That meant we pretty much started from a clean slate which was fun and terrifying all the same! One of the very few ‘new’ pieces we introduced into our home were these couches and chairs. They were sourced (after lots of research) from Joybird which is an ethical and sustainable brand that gives you an inside look into the factories, allows you to track your order and, all around, gives you a wonderful experience. We had to change an order somewhat late into placing it and they amended it with no questions asked!

Joybird Liam Couch (in Merit Dove & Coffee Bean Stain)

Joybird Colins Chair (in Faithful Olive & Walnut)

Custom Side Tables

Joybird Collins Chair
Joybird Collins Chair
Etsy Rug
Etsy Antique Trunk

One thing I was adamant about was not purchasing any new animal-based materials for the home. The rugs were the biggest struggle as most soft ones are made of wool. Jute was the best plant-based option that fit our needs. This one is actually more comfortable than it looks and compared to most others I’ve been on. Very happy with this find!

Jute rug

Our living room space is a bit of an odd shape. We played with multiple layouts until we decided on this one for both warmth and functionality. The coffee table was something we fixated on for months. There just wasn’t anything quite perfect in size or shape or cost or colour. So after plenty of scouring through shops in town as well as online stores, I finally found an antique shop on Etsy that had exactly what we both envisioned. We believe it fits the space and our style perfectly!

Coffee table trunk (here is the antique shop we got it from)

Etsy matches
Antique mirror

Bottled Matches (these are just too adorable I had to share!)

Mirror (shop we got it from)

Antique Lamp
Antique Lamp

This lamp is probably one of my favourite finds for the house. It was our first visit into Tresor on 6th (our now favourite antique shop in town) and my heart was set on this lamp. We pretty much decorated our living room around this lamp as it was our first purchase for the home! ha.

Ethan Allen Lamp (shop where we got it from)

Dining Room

Secondhand Dining Room Table
Secondhand Dining Room Table

The dining room table was something we envisioned for a couple of months and couldn’t quite find the exact piece until late one day scouring Facebook Marketplace I found our dream table at a beautiful deal! Whilst I can’t link to this exact table or shop (as it’s a one off product), this is the alternative we had considered if we couldn’t find a table within the next few months.

Vintage Rug
Secondhand dining room table

In order to not have jute rugs throughout the entire house, we compromised on getting a vintage wool rug for the living room. Etsy has a plethora of different shops with different styles and so it was a bit of a daunting task but then we finally found the one we liked.

Vintage Turkish Rug (this is the shop we got it from)

Derriere Vase (this was actually a wedding gift but I’ve had so many comments about it on Instagram, I figured I would share here!)


Bedroom - Parachute Bedding

Our bedroom suite is old so nothing new here. We needed ‘new’ bedding as our current one got ruined during the move (boo). I’d had my eyes on Parachute for years now and just needed an excuse to purchase all the linen from their site and this was the moment!

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

Parachute Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Parachute Linen Duvet Cover Set

Bedroom - Parachute Bedding
Kate Brigden Pottery

Our bedside lamps also got ruined during the move so searching for these puppies took a few months to find but I’m super pleased with the result. They feel like a reverse of the Ethan Allen lamp (in the living room) which I found so coincidental as these are also vintage.

Vintage Rattan Lamp (this is the shop where I got them from)

Vintage Linen Lamp shades (this is the shop where I got them from)

Ceramic Heart (gifted from the sweet Kate Brigden in the UK – definitely check out her Etsy store!!)

Secondhand lamp
Etsy jewelry stand

Necklace Holder (Eddie is constantly having to undo my knotted necklaces so he made me get a stand to keep them pretty and tidy! This one does the trick perfectly and is also another Etsy (apparently my best friend) find!)


reclaimed wood shelves
reclaimed wood shelves

With VERY little storage space in the whole house (& particular in the bathroom) my beauty addiction needed a little help. I was determined to find reclaimed wood shelves to do the trick and Etsy was another easy place to find a shop I trusted.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

shower caddy
shower curtain

Instead of throwing away that rubbish plastic liner after it gets mildew on it, I wanted a more sustainable alternative. After tonnes of research, I found that hemp is a great liner alternative to plastic. I wash it in cold water every 2 weeks or so and then let it air dry. So far (4 months in) & no problems whatsoever! Linen is one of the most sustainable materials (after hemp) so I knew I wanted that for my shower curtain.

Linen Shower Curtain

Hemp Shower Liner

bathroom window shelf

Bottled Matches (same as above)

kate brigden pottery soap dish
kate brigden pottery soap dish

In an effort to stop using plastic soap bottle dispensers, I wanted to find a soap dish that could hold all the wonderful soaps that I picked up from France two years ago! (Yes, I definitely did a binge shop here!). No store (online or offline) was quite the style I was looking for. Yes, I certainly searched for days (nay, weeks) to find the perfect ceramic dish for my soaps and again, Kate Brigden was my go-to girl. I also have two of her mugs that I use every. single. day.

Ceramic Soap Dish – by Kate Bridgen


Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
Bamboo Dish Drying Rack

Similar to the shower curtain liner, I hated the plastic dish drying racks that you inevitably end up throwing away between moves because they’re just too disgusting to cope with. I found this bamboo set and fell in love. Highly recommend!

Bamboo Drying Rack

Bamboo Utensil Holder

Drying Mat


Antique Cabinet
Antique Cabinet

The office only had my desk and a filing cabinet. We didn’t really have any storage for books nor bits & bobs. We knew this would be easy to source from antique shops it was just a matter of finding the right one for our home. The shop (where we got both of these from) had rows of incredible vintage pieces so it was fun to find the ones that spoke to us!

Antique Cabinet — Left (the shop where we got it from)

Jute Baskets

Antique Cabinet — Right (the shop where we got it from)

Antique Desk Chair
Antique Desk

This desk and chair combo was not something we had really planned (style-wise) for our office but we just fell in love with its uniqueness and so it came home with us (at an incredible price). The chair was reupholstered by the owner of the antique shop (Tresor on 6th – same shop we got the Ethan Allen lamp from) where we got this from and she used a linen that we sourced along with a houndstooth trim she had spare of.

Antique Desk and Chair (shop where we got it from)

Decorating your home sustainably can take more work than a simple click of a button on Pottery Barn or Target. But, I can promise you, your appreciation is so much greater and you will fall in love with your home tenfold!

Happy decorating!




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